President’s Message – 2018


Fortunately, as I have often mentioned, we as law enforcement officers in Suffolk County enjoy superior working conditions.  We serve a public that overwhelmingly supports their police, and are employed by departments that exhibit a tremendous backing of their officers.  We justifiably receive a living wage where we are able to support our families without excessive worry over our financial future.  Through collective bargaining we have deservedly been awarded benefits addressing our family’s health care and dental coverage, optical and hearing care, legal representation and co-payment reimbursement, to name just a few.  There is no other occupation, or more precisely; a calling, outside of law enforcement, where someone goes to work wearing a gun belt and body armor.

All of the preceding examples have a precise and direct expense affixed to them, but how do we measure another, in most cases, the more important benefit of being a member of the Police Holy Name Society of Suffolk County?  How do we count the cost of an intangible, imperceptible value of what the Holy Name Society offers its members?

What I am referring to is the spiritual support and the divine intercession that the Holy Name Society holds open to all of its members and their families.  When you experience a dilemma that the worldly benefits of our profession do not address, that is when prayer and turning to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the only place you will find solace.  This is one reason why the PHNS of SC exists.

I’d like to relate a true incident that I hope illustrates this assertion:
Some years ago while working a midnight tour and investigating a MVC, where the operator had fled, another officer assigned to my squad was notified that his son was involved in a very serious MVC himself.  As a PBA delegate, I accompanied my friend to the hospital where we met his wife and the physicians.  My friend and his wife were justifiably overcome with sadness, worry and anxiety about their son, his condition and the prognosis.

At the time my own son was serving on active duty and deployed in support of the War on Terror, because of that I always carried a set of rosary beads with me while on duty.  When I gave my rosary beads to my friend’s wife that night a noticeable calm and peacefulness came over her.  I also perceived a tranquility in my friend just then.

The HNS is unique in the fact that although we are a fraternal organization, we more importantly are a Catholic, religious Society.  We hold sacred the teachings of the Catholic Church and devote our lives to greater good of God.  Always acting in a moral manner, living our lives with integrity and providing an example for others to follow is front and center with a HNS member.

In this ever changing and challenging world we live in, where our very beliefs are opening ridiculed and maligned, when morals that have guided societies for centuries and the existence of God is denied and belief in Him overtly scorned, it is organizations such as the Police Holy Name Society of Suffolk County that have the courage and fortitude to take a defining stand against such debauchery.

Be proud to be a member of this Society and encourage other law enforcement officers of the Catholic faith to join us.  Be proud of your Catholic Faith and evangilize others.  Pray to end the sin of abortion and the stain of abortion on the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  Choose Life!

God Bless,

Pete Knudsen


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